Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Handbook

Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Handbook | 5th Edition

New in the 5th Edition:

  • Expanded guidance for Boards of Directors
  • 6 new sample policies
  • Practical help with the IRS Form 990
  • Step-by-step guidance to funding your organization
  • New tools for fraud prevention
Nonprofit Resources

A Growing Nonprofit Resource

New Tools in Development Now:

  • Board Leaders Handbook
  • Key Controls to Prevent Fraud in Your Nonprofit
  • How to Get the Resources You Need
  • Volunteers and Volunteer Policies
  • How to Set Up Your Accounting System (for small nonprofits)
  • Advocacy Rules for Oregon Nonprofits
  • Board Policy Manuals

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Nonprofit Publications

Nonprofit Publications provides expert information on nonprofit legal, financial, tax exemption, and management issues in everyday language. We work to help Board members, founders, new managers, and experienced leaders in community-based nonprofits succeed. We provide clear explanations of the state laws, IRS rules and processes, and accounting and financial reporting requirements that have the greatest impact on nonprofit corporations.

Nonprofit Publications is a joint effort of Cindy Cumfer and Kay Sohl, authors of the Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Handbook. Kay and Cindy have been translating complex legal, financial, and management requirements into practical guidance, checklists, samples, and examples for nonprofit leaders for over 35 years.

What People Are Saying

“An Oregon Treasure- essential tools for well-established nonprofits as well as start-ups” 

Kathleen Cornett
Vice President, Grants and Programs
The Oregon Community Foundation