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Nonprofit Publications provides expert information on nonprofit legal, financial, tax exemption, and management issues in everyday language. We work to help Board members, founders, new managers, and experienced leaders in community-based nonprofits succeed. We provide clear explanations of the state laws, IRS rules and processes, and accounting and financial reporting requirements that have the greatest impact on nonprofit corporations.

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These chapters are a result of decades of experience by a nonprofit lawyer and a nonprofit manager, accountant and consultant. Nonprofits throughout the United States can find helpful information in all of these chapters. You need to be aware that state law plays a role in many parts of a nonprofit's functioning. Each state's laws are often vastly different from those of other states. Keep in mind that, in those cases where state law comes into play, the information in the chapters on this website is based on Oregon law. You need to be sure that your nonprofit complies with the laws of the state where you incorporate and/or operate.

I. Getting Started

Chapter 1: Free Download

Chapter Title: Should Your Organization Be A Nonprofit?

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Chapter 2: Free Download

Chapter Title: The Structures & Types of Oregon Nonprofit Corporations

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Chapter 4: Writing Bylaws
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II. The Tax-Exempt Organization

III. Successful Functioning: Board of Directors

IV. Successful Functioning: People

Chapter 19: Employees
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Chapter 21: Volunteers
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V. Successful Functioning: Money, Records, and Rules

Chapter 24: Making A Budget
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VI. Changing Your Corporation